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Bootcamp Programs

All incoming students to the College of Science are urged to participate in one of the Science Boot Camps.  Each of these camps offers an intensive, one-week, pre-college orientation specifically designed to help students make the transition to college.  The boot camps allow students to sample the rigor of a college science course, take practice exams, explore research on campus, create a lasting bond with fellow students, and take the stress out of the first semester at LSU.  Each camp combines course lectures and sessions on effective and efficient learning in an effort to equip students with the tools that they need to succeed on campus.


Deadline for withdrawal from the program with a refund is July 15, 2013.




Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pre-MedBIOS
Geology & GeophysicsBIOS, Chemis, or PHIOS*
MathematicsBIOS, Chemis, or PHIOS*
Physics & AstronomyPHIOS

* depending on what other science course you are enrolled in for the fall semester