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Pre-Medical & Pre-Dental Program

Welcome to the College of Science Premedical/Predental website. This website is designed to provide basic information for LSU students who are interested in a career in the health professions. The site will be updated with the latest information regarding admission requirements and application procedures as needed. Also, links for further information on admissions tests, application services, individual medical/dental schools, and student organizations are provided.


Each year approximately 1200 incoming freshmen at LSU express an interest in medicine and dentistry as a career. 300-350 LSU students apply for admission to medical and dental school each year. The acceptance rate at LSU is nationally competitive with between 175-200 students entering medical and dental schools annually. LSU graduates have been accepted to some of the most prestigious medical and dental schools throughout the nat ion. Typically, LSU students make up 45-50 per cent of the incoming classes at the LSU Medical Schools and 55-60 percent at the LSU Dental School. The process of applying for and gaining admission to medical and dental schools is arduous. Competition for admissions is intense with less than half of the applicants receiving offers of admission. It is imperative that students begin preparing themselves for the task of medical and dental school early in their undergraduate years. This website will provide general information to assist students in assessing their credentials as applicants and to provide advice on successfully negotiating the path to medical and dental school admissions.


The College of Science is the premier college for premedical-predental studies at LSU. The college is home to the majority of students interested in attending medical and dental school. Our majors in biological sciences, biochemistry and chemistry incorporate the prerequisite courses within the major program and prepare students for the challenging curriculum of medical and dental school. Counselors in the college are members of the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) and receive current updates from admissions deans at medical and dental schools throughout the nation. Students are encouraged to attend informational meetings hosted by College of Science counselors each semester and to visit with counselors in the college on an individual basis regarding their own plans and goals. While the College of Science counselors provide premedical/predental counseling to any LSU student regardless of major, students should continue to maintain contact with the counselors/advisors in their home college regarding their individual degree requirements.


We hope this site will be of value to you. Good luck to you as you continue your studies here at LSU. We wish you success in your pursuit of a career in the health professions.


Robby Bowen
Counselor, College of Science
Chair, LSU Pre-medical/Pre-dental Review Committee




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